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Metal Smithing How To Devoted to the dissemination of Metalworking Information

Picture Instructions for making a 275 lb. Anvil

Instructions for making an Anvil

A Review of Tool Shapes & Applications

Building a Side Draft Forge

Building a Shop Vice

Building Door Hinges and Hardware

Building a Swedge Stand

Building a Anvil Stand

Pouring Babbit for a Little Giant Trip Hammer

How to Get Started in Blacksmithing

Hardening - Tempering - Heat Teating

Hardness Chart A PDF File.

US Army - Blacksmith Practice Manual A 474K PDF File. (An Adobe Acrobat File) An older War Department blacksmithing informaton manual. Still plenty of goor information for today.

The Blacksmith's Craft A PDF File.

Blacksmith's Manual Illustrated A PDF File.

Wrought Ironwork A PDF File.

Wrought Ironwork Gates A PDF File.

Decorative Ironwork A PDF File.


Blacksmiths Depot (Kayne & Son) Candler, NC
Blacksmith Forge & Supply Mojave Southern Machine Works -San Jacinto, CA
Blacksmith Supply LLC Chester, VA
Centeaur Forge Burlington, WI & New Braunfels, TX
GC Blacksmith Tongs Castel Rock, WA
Old World Anvils Blanchardville, WI
Pieh Tool Co., Inc. Camp Verde, AZ
Shop Outfitters MetalFabrication Equipment
SwageBlocks Good Information on Swage Blocks
Texas Knifemaker's Supply/ Houston, TX
The Horseshoe Barn - Farrier Supplies - Sacramento, CA
T S Distributors Ornamental Metals - TN, TX, CO, UT
Zoeller Forge Blacksmith & Bladesmith Supplies


Bear Hill Blacksmith - Webster, NH

Five Points Blacksmith Shop - Charleston, IL

K P Originals - Denham Springs. LA

Copper Repousse & Metal Art Dunlap, CA

Hot Metal Ezine Hot Metal Casting Knowledge -Colin Croucher - Wangaratta (North East of Victoria.), Australia

Rustic Rares - Broome - Western Australia

Johan Jonsson - Sweeden

Bertho Janssen - Belgium

Turley Forge - Blacksmithing School Santa Fe, Nwe Mexico


ABANA Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America, Inc. - Farmington, GA

OABA Ontario Artist Blacksmith Association - Ontario, Canada

CBA California Blacksmith Association - San Jacinto, CA

NBWA The National Blacksmith and Weldors Association - Jasper, MN

GCBA Gulf Coast Blacksmith Association- Covington, LA

CBBA Cape Breton Blacksmith's Association, Cape Breton, NS, Canada


Fer forge Présence Forge French artist blacksmith presents his traditionnal and creative iron work.

Ferretteria can design and make items ranging from simple fire irons to elaborate garden structures.

Modern Casting

Blacksmith Tools For Sale


Knife Grinder Construction and Materials List

Custom Handmade Knives by Johnny Stout
Johnny Stout - Custom Handmade Knives

BladeGallery - Custom Knives
Daniel O'Malley - Custom Knives, Swords, Daggers - Hand Forged and Handmade.

Custom Knives
Raymond Coon - Custom Handmade Knives using Damascus and High Carbon Steel.

Don Fogg Custom Knives
Don Fogg - Information Site - Bladesmithing and Custom Knives.
Larry Connelley - The starting point for Knives Online. Links to Custom Knifemakers Worldwide.

Knife Making Supplies

Lively Knives
Tim Lively - Handforged Knives.

Lindsay Hand Engraving

Multi-Media Artisans
Rick Schmid - Handmade Items - Blades and Cauldrons.

Scotia Metalwork
J.Michael McRae - Custom Bladesmith - Specialiazing in Scottis Dirks and Sgian Dubhs

The Blacksmith's Depot
Kayne & Son

Bill's Blades
Blade and Blacksmithing

Thak the Blacksmith & Armourer
Japanese Swordsmithing, Blacksmithing and Armouring Courses

COMMERCIAL BLADE LINKS An extensive resource of Knife Information.


Ductile Iron Engineers Digest (A 3 MB Adobe Aarobat - PDF File)

Cost Saving Design Ideas (A 4 MB Adobe Aarobat - PDF File )

Ductile Iron Data (A 14 MB Adobe Aarobat - PDF File )

Ductile Iron Design (A 5MB Adobe Aarobat - PDF File )


AmeriCast Technologies, Inc. Design tooling, castings, and machining.

Astro Cast, Inc. Investment castings. Capable of producing small and large lot quantities.

Belmont Metals Copper based metals and ferrous alloys. Founded 1896

Bodine Aluminum Aluminum, sand and permanent mold operation, up to 100 lbs.

Bremer Manufacturing Co., Inc. Supplier of aluminum and sand castings from ounces to 40 lbs.

Dotson Iron Castings Gray and ductile iron castings from 1 to 75 lbs.

Allegheny Technologies Co. Casting Service - Gray and Iron castings up to 100 tons.

Empire Die Casting Custom die castings in aluminum, magnesium and zinc.

Frazer & Jones Ductile and malleable iron castings from ounces to 10 lbs.

Gainesville Foundry, Inc. Short to medium run ductile iron castings.

The Henry Perkins Co. Gray and ductile iron castings since 1848. 1lb to 4,000 lbs. capacity.

Hiller Industries Castings made in shell mouldings and produce better surface finish. Metals: Gray, ductile and high allow irons, brass, bronze and aluminum.

Littlestown Foundry, Inc. Aluminum sand castings, ounces to 20 lbs.

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