By Ralph J. Sproul
Bear Hill Blacksmith

This anvil stand is constructed of 1-1/4" steel schedule 80 pipe. Each leg is set at an 8 degree angle for stability. The feet of each stand leg has 3/8" X 3" circles welded to it. Leg length to suit the working height of the anvil.

The top frame is made of 1/4" X 2" X 3" angle. The center support frame can be constructed of 1/4" X 2" flat bar.

Build to suit the size of your anvil. Inserted under the anvil is a plate cut to fit the inside dimensions of the angle frame.

This anvil stabilizer/hold down is constructed as shown from materials found around the shop that will serve the purpose.

If you need more information, you can email me at: Ralph Sproul

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Rev: 12/27/97