Welding Education Sources:

Apex Technical School (Apex Tech), New Your City, NY
Apex Tech offers training in automotive service and repair, refrigeration, air conditioning, appliance and controls, or welding technology.

Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB), Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
CWB provides ISO 9000 registration and training, as well as welding training and certification services. Database of certified companies, personnel, and products.

Canadian Welding Skills, Bridgenorth, Ontario, Canada
Welder training center offering instruction for entry level to experienced welders wishing to upgrade their skills.

Hobart Institute of Welding Technology, Troy, OH
Industrial Welding Solutions

Red Deer College Welder Program, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Offering a variety of welding processes such as electric arc, or oxy-acetylene, or more sophisticated processes such as electron beam or lasers, even the more exotic and difficult to weld metals are able to be joined successfully.

San Diego Community College District, Continuing Education, San Diego, CA

Located in the Educational Cultural Complex, 4343 Ocean View Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92113-1915..
The phone number for the welding school is: 619-388-4841. George Moore, Professor & Instructor or Bill Borinsky.
The business office phone number is 619-388 4881. The main contact person is: Bill Borinsky.
Cost of attending the school is the best bargain in the area, it's Free.
If a student needs financial help with equipment, it is available at no cost to them. Financial Aid is available and paid about every 200 hours of instruction.
The program is approved for Veterans for 600 hours.

Spitfire Forge, Taos, NM
Women's Wlding Workshop - Offering a hands-on welding and blacksmithing workshop and retreat for women with a focus on sculpture.

Steel Structures Technology Center, Howell, MI
A consulting engineering firm, specializing in technical training for steel building and bridge design, fabrication, construction, and inspection.

Tulsa Welding School
Tulsa, OK & Jacksonville, FL
Trained individuals to become professional welders for over 50 years.

Lake Washington Technical College Kirkland, WA

Welding at its Best, Ontario, Canada
Producing quality welders meeting industry standards.

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