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Old File Archives and Some Newer Files from various sources that contain valuable information and ideas that could help in solving many problems in today's machine shop. All are Acrobat PDF files.

Instructions for making a Lathe Back Plate for a Screw Thread Spindle Nose.
Instructions for making an Adjustable Back Plate
Instructions for making a Quick Change Tool Post
Notes on Building the Above Quick Change Tool Post
Building a Quick Change Tool Holder Knurl
Making a Tool Holder for Carbide Inserts
Making a Fixture for For the Above Tool Holder

Making Thread Holders

The Gingery Mill

The Gingery Band Saw
Repairing Rockwell/Delta Lathe Back gear
First Year with a Taig Lathe
Making a Ball Turning Tool
Cutting Gears Using Form Tools
Making a Digital Height Gage
Instructions for Edge Finders
Information on Wigglers
Tip on protecting Milling Machine Bed
Information on Boring Bolt Circles
Making Mil-Spec Dominos
Improvements to a Belt Sander/Grinder
Building an Economical Draw Bench
Pedestal Grinder Modification
Ideas for Lathe Housekeeping
Building a Collet Adapter
Building a Collet Chuck

Building a Power Feed

Building a Pulley Puller

Building the Quorn Cutter & Tool Grinder
Bridgeport Serial Numbers
Making D-bits
Toolmaker Lapping
How To Buy A Drill Press
CNC Conversion of a Smithy CM-1114
Shooting Star DRO
Building a Base for a Drill Grinding Attachment
Back Gearing for a Grizzley Lathe
Lubrication Chart Lubrication Comparison Chart
Viscosity Chart Lubrication Viscosity Chart An Adobe Acrobat File - Requires Acrobat Reader to Access.
Turning Tool Spherical Turning Tool An Adobe Acrobat File - Requires Acrobat Reader to Access.
Instructions for making a Nut Starter for inserting nuts into a tight place.
Notes on Making a Tinker Tool and Cutter Sharpening Accessory

How to cut a Key way using a lathe.

Home Shop Machinist & Projects in Metal Index

CNC Machines - CNC Machine Resources

Building a Non-Floating Jaw Vice - Another Version Vice-1

Building A Surface Grinder

Building A Pantograph

Building A Two Cylinder Flame Eater Engine. Also link to other engine plans. A 2.8 MB PDF File. (Adobe Acrobat File)

Drill Tap Size Chart

Tables of Fit Tolerances

Spark Erosion A method to handle broken small and sometimes not so small taps and drills.

US Army Fundamentals of Machine Tools Reference
Text Book of Turning This book was written specifically for the Hercus Craftsman series lathes. Some of the information may not directly be usable on your particular lathe but the overall basics are quite usable for anyone wishing to learn turning basics. (A 3.3MB PDF File - Adobe Acrobat)

Textbook of Advanced Machine Work - Third Edition (1913) - A 15MB PDF Adobe Acrobat File.

Tramming" or Aligning a Bridgeport Type Milling Head

Making a Lathe Duplicator This is a 340 K PDF File.
Hidden Value Potential from Wet Scrap Metal Recovery

Information concerning Profile Gear Cutting By Mark Winder - UK

Gears and Gear Drives A PDF File.

How to Bore Large Holes

Shaper Information

Ideas for a Mini-Mill



South Bend Lathe Patrs Manual - A PDF File.

How to Run a Southbend Lathe - A PDF File.

Sputh Bemd Parts Manual - A 50 MB PDF File.

Sputh Bemd 9" CL670Z Manual & Parts List - A PDF File.

Sputh Bemd Lathe Hardware Items - A PDF File.

How to Mount a South Bend Lathe on A Bench - A PDF File.

How to Cut Screw Threads on a South Bend Lathe - A PDF File.

South Bend Lathe Specifications - Tooling Dimensions - A PDF File.

South Bend Lathe Group -


Instructions for Use of a Lathe A PDF File.

Parts of a Lathe A PDF File.

Cincinnati Tray Top 10 - 12.5 - 15 - 18 - 1952 - A PDF File.

Sheldon Lathe Maintenance Manual - also - Sheldon 1947 Price List

Myford Super 7 Lathe Instructions

Text Book of Turning - Older But Useful Information - A PDF File.


Mini and 9x20 Import Lathes

9x20 Import Lathe Group

3in1 Smithy Lathe / Mill Group

Ideas on Alternate Lathe Construction


Machine Tool Reference Archive Lots of Machine Information on Metal and Wood Lathes, Milling Machines, Shapers, etc. - Buxton, Darbyshire, UK
Tiag LatheNick Carter's Taig Lathe and Milling Machine Pages
MicroProto Systems CNC Milling with a Taig Mill - Chandler, Arizona

CNC CNC Software - Spokane Valley, Washington

CNC Mills CNC - Machine Tool Manufacturer - Warwickshire, UK

CNC Metalmite Corporation - CNC Machine Shop - Rochester, MI

Ward CNC Distributor of New & Used CNC Milling Machines Centres, Lathes & Tools, Vertical & Horizontal Boring Machines - Sheffield, UK

AC Manufacturing Co. Precision CNC Milling - Santa Clara, CA

OMW Metalcrafts Small Lathe Tooling - Novato, California
BayCom Gunsmith Videos - Instructional Tapes for the Machinist - Interlochen, Michigan
Shopmaster Machines Las Vegas, Nevada
Smithy Machines Ann Arbor, Michigan
Jet Equipment & Tools Co. Elgin, Illinois
Carbide Depot Tool Steel Information - Birmingham, Alabama
Penn Tool Company Machinist Tools and Gages - Maplewood, NJ
Lock-Jaw Work holding - Houston Texas
Discount Tools.Co New & Used Tooling - Costa Mesa, California
Machinist Friend Calculation Software - Duvall, Washigton
Techni-Grip Systems Federal Way, Washington
VersaMil A Multiple-Purpose Portable Machining Unit - Gaston, Oregon
eMachine Shop The Revolutionary Online Machine Shop - Midland Park, New Jersey
Dunham Tool.Co Manufacturers of Work Holding Solutions - New Fairfield, CT
Auto Drill Multiple Spindle Heads for Drilling and Tapping - Millington, NJ
Auto Drill Automatic Drilling Equipment - Millington, NJ
Slater Tools Inc Rotary Broaching - Clinton Twp., MI
Software For Machining Professionals Software and Calculators for Various Machining Operations - North Carolina
Wholesale Tool Company Warren, MI - Also locations in IN, NC, OK, FL, TX. MA
Super Tool, Inc. Precision metal cutting power tools for use in factory assembly lines and heavy machine manufacturing - Bradenton, FL.

Meshing with Gears Suppliers software for all types of bevel gear, gear hobbing, and thread milling machines - Raleigh, NC

HMMC, Inc. - Gear Cutting, grinding and custom machining. - Cincinnati, OH

Applied Recovery Systems, Inc. Makes Scrap Metal Recycling a Lucrative Venture - Waco, TX
CADCAM Software for Milling, Turning, Wire EDM and Multi-axis Laser - Worcestershire, UK
Lathes Machine tool directory listing 1000's of lathes specifications, machine tool manufacuturers and european machine tool dealers. - Congleton Cheshire, UK

Machine Shop Trade Secrets See this book review on our review page. Click Here Metal Graphics Solutions, Ltd.

Jacobs Chucks Technical Information and Rebuilding Instructions for Jacobs Chucks.

Columbia Machine Works Pprovider of heavy machining, maintenance support, in-house engineering, full mechanical assembly, steel fabrication & welding. - Columbis, TN

Industrial Jig & Fixture Contract manufacturing - Low Volume - Custom Machining - Minong, WI

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