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The following consists of old file archives and some newer files from various sources that contain valuable information and ideas that could help in solving many problems in today's machine shop.

Offset Taper Turning

Offset Headstock Center

Horizontal Surface Grinding & Milling Machine

How to Make Bushings

Build a Leaver Indicator

Build a 3-1/2" Lathe

Build a Dial Indicator From Alarm Clock Parts

Making a Four-Inch Bench Slotter

Ball Bearing Lathe Center

Small Bench Grinder

Small Bench Miller

Making a Boring Bar

Boring in the Lathe

A Center Punch Grinding Rest

A Simple Lathe Countershaft Unit

Cutting Tool Applications

Fly Cutting

Horizontal Surface Grinding & Milling Machine

Fitting Lathe Chucks

Notes on Lathe Design

Add A Limit Switch to Your Lathe Carriage

Lathe Milling Attachment

Lathe Pipe Centers

Expanding Mandrel Holds

Build Metal Turning Lathe from Stock Parts

Metal Spinning Tutorial

Micrometer Lathe Stop

Machine Your Own Milling Attachment

Milling Practice

Offset Tailstock Center

Building a Pan Tilt Mecanism

Groving V-Pulleys

Rotary Table Drawing

Slitting Saw Arbor

Spherical Turning Tool

Lathe Taper Attachment

A Taper Turning Attachment

Building a Six-Inch Turret Lathe

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