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Older Publications Containing Useful Information

The Beginners Guide to MIG Welding

Building a Metal Chop Saw Stand and Conveyor System

Strain Studies in Sheet Metal Stampings A Acrobat .pdf File

Instructions for making an Anvil

Building a Shop Vice

Building Sheet Metal Rolls

Information on 4 Roll Benders
Plate Rolls vs Need for Special Alloy Rolls

Welding Lead Racks
Shop Welding & Jig Tables

Building a Shop Work Stand

Building a Arc Welder Cart

Building a Oxy. Acet. Cylinder Cart

Information on Boring Bolt Circles

Building Door Hinges and Hardware
Building A Swedge Stand
Building A Anvil Stand
Building A Child's Backhoe
Building A Can Mouse Trap
Building A Welding Table
Building A Irish Mail Car
Building A Kinyon Style Hammer

Building A Hosfield Type Bender A 37 Page 3.4 MB PDF File (Adobe Acrobat) - For Zipped Set of Individual DXF Files Click Here

Building a Hand Pipe Bender

Building A Sandblast Cabinet

Building An Improved Gas Cylinder Clamping System

Building A Bending Brake

Building A Belt Grinder

Building A Generator

Guillotine vs Swing Beam Shear

Building a Metal Bender and Information on Steel Wheel and Wheel Jig Construction.

Ideas On Building an Inexpensive Metal Bender Vice

National Ornamental Metal Museum
Superplastic Forming
Instructions for making a Angle Miter
Instructions for Building a Tube Bender
Free Go-Cart Plans
How to build a Tube Bender drawings and pictures.

Press Brake Tonnage Chart

Information on Building Sand Blaster Older but usable information - A PDF File.

Information on Metal Thickness A PDF File.

First Lessons in Metalworking an older publication with many good ideas and information. A PDF File.

Wilton C - Clamp Parts List - Items could interchange with other clamps - A PDF File.
Wrought Iron Drawings A 2.7 Meg PDF File. (An Adobe Acrobat File) Many ideas on custom ornamental ironwork.

Weather Vanes A 1.2 Meg PDF File. (An Adobe Acrobat File) Many weather vane construction and ornament graphics.


Sur-Fin Chemical Corporation Metal Finishing Products Paint, Patina and finishing products for most metals- Los Angeles, CA

Metalshapers Association, Inc.


Shop Outfitters Hand Operated Metal Forming Equipment - Colorado City, CO

Unibender Hand Operated Metal Forming Equipment - Grants Pass, OR

Hossfeld Universal Bender Hand Operated Metal Forming Equipment - Winona, MN
Howron Metal Bender Hand Operated Metal Benders - Denton, TX
MetalCraft - USA Wrought Iron Handicraft, Inc., Metalworking Equipment - European Version - Rochester, MN
Super Tech & Associates CNC XYZ Tables - Phoenix, AZ
Roper Whitney (Pexto) Metal Fabrication Tools - Rockford, IL
FABLAMP Metal Fabrication Equipment - West Palm Beach, FL
Rogers Manufacturing Co. Mechanical Ironworkers - Mineral Wells, TX
Steel Logic Software for the Structural Steel Fabricator - Southampton, PA
McNichols Company Metal Warehouse - Perforated Metals - 20 locations in US and Monterey, Mexico
Lambert Products, Inc. - Phillipsburg, OH
Titanium, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Hi Temp Alloys - Gardena, California and Wichita, Kansas

Metals Depot Online Metal Supply Store - Winchester, KY

Micro Mesh Supplier of perforated sheet punched in mild steel, galvanised, aluminum, stainless steel and special alloys. Gurgaon, Haryana (India)

Vista Manufacturing Company, Inc. - Kansas City, KS
Expert Welding & Fabrication - Pompano Beach, FL
The Real Wrought Iron Company, Ltd. Wrought Iron Information
Frank Morrow Company Decorative Metal Stampings. Providence, RI
J. J. Orly, Inc. Deep Drawn Enclosures, Cans, Metal Cases. Rochester Hills, MI
Paramount Metal Bending and Rolling Clark, NJ Paramount bends and rolls metal tubes, pipes, beams and more. Santa Fe Springs, CA
CGI Automated Manufacturing, Inc. Automated Sheet Metal Fabrication & Manufacturing - Cicero, IL
International Mold Steel, Inc. High Performance Mold and Die Steels- Florence, KY
Hoeganaes Corporation ferrous powders, such as atomized steel powder or metal powder, is in the production of pressed and sintered parts - Cinnaminson, NJ
PAM Precision Architectural Metals - Hyattsville, MD
Wrought Iron Solutions Custon Metal and Iron Fabrication. Ripon, WI

E. G. Heller's Son, Inc. Metal Fabrication Equipment Dealer Since 1916 - Los Angeles, CA

Midlake Metal Fabricators - Louisville, OH

Quasar Industries - Carlton Husthwaite, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, England
AccuFab Solutions Custom sheet metal, metal fabrication & machining solutions - Sydney, Australia.

LITIO3D: Sheet metal software for AutoCAD. It calculates flat (unfolded) sheet development for various metal shapes -

National Metal Fabricators Sheet metal fabrication, bar milling, angle rings – Elk Grove, IL

Thomas Net - Metal Fabrication Articles

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