By Bruce Bauerlein

I use this stand when cutting long lengths of material on my power hacksaw. By making two stands, they can be used to support material during welding. Kind of an adjustable sawhorse.



First, find the center of the 6" long channel and with the open end of the channel down, weld one end of the 1" pipe to it.

Next center the 2"x 2"x 1/4" piece with the 3/4 " hole over the top open end of the pipe. Weld it to the pipe.

Take one of the 5/8" nuts and centering it over the 3/4" hole, weld it to the 2" piece.

Now take the other 5/8" nut and thread it onto the 5/8" rod so that one side of the nut is flush with one end of the rod.

Weld the nut to the rod opposite the flush end. Weld the nut and the threaded rod (flush side) to the center of the 3" long channel (open side up).

Thread the rod into the nut on the pipe to assemble the stand.

To adjust the height of the stand, just turn the threaded rod to raise or lower the height.

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Bruce Bauerlein

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Rev: 03/16/97