By Paul Pierce

The small, inexpensive ($80+) 4" X 36" belt/disc sanders seem to me to be one of the best ways I've spent a few bucks in my shop. Cleaning up some stock, polishing a flat surface, or similar tasks is usually quick. It will hollow grind a wood chisel very nicely. Switching from a grit of 80 to one of 240 is just a matter of a minute. It does, however, stall easily, but for the price...

My biggest gripe has been that the 1/2" bar that supports the disc sanding table had more give to it than I cared for. Holding work on the table tended to spring the table away from the disk.

This problem was solved by putting a 1/2" bolt, with a nut and washer directly under the supporting rod. My sander is bolted to the wooden table top securely.

Directly under the center of the supporting rod I drilled a 15/32" hole and tapped it. The bolt was adjusted to touch the supporting rod - Voila. The disk sanding table is now quite rigid.

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Created: 05/26/97
Rev.: 06/09/2001