Series of Photos on a Home Built Muller.

by Jerry Twaddell

Picture 5 shows an overall of a muller that I designed and built around 12 years ago. I got the idea from a roto tiller and this is basically a roto tiller in a drum. Note the legs: The muller was mounted over my sand box and it dumps directly into the box.

Picture 3 is a close-up. Note the cant of the blades. When run forward the blades provide a good mixing action and will handle a fairly large load. When run in reverse the blades provide a squeezing action for mulling. But as the mulling consumes a lot of power load capacity will be reduced. I cast in Petrobond and found that mixing was adequate with a mull around the 10th cycle of sand. If making new petrobond from scratch, you must mull it for around 20 minutes to activate the petrobond.

Picture 4 shows the drive train. The gear box is a 40:1 worm gear.

Picture 7 shows the dump arrangement.

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Created: 03/28/00
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