Maverick II Engine

By Dave Bowes

The origional Maverick plans were published in 4 issues of Home Shop Machinist starting in September October 1995. This year in Wyandotte there were 3 Maverick engines. One of them had been modified by Robert LaFollette to correct a governor "problem". The Maverick has a latch mechanism that comes into play as the speed builds up. It can latch in one of two modes: on the exhaust cycle or the compression cycle. When it latches on the compression cycle the engine quickly slows down.

When it latches on the exhaust cycle the engine acts like a typical hit and miss engine and coasts for a few revolutions. Robert had added a mechanism to his engine so that it only latched on the exhaust cycle thus creating the Maverick II. I had thought this would be complex to do. Robert showed me that it was easier than I had imagined. I set out to create a Canadian version, the Maverick II "eh".

Robert had replaced several of the original parts with highly modified ones. I wanted to use all of the original parts. In the end I replaced only one simple part, the Exhaust Valve Keeper.

A new Lever Arm, controlled by the exhaust valve position, combines with a Hold Off Push Rod and a spring to prevent the Governor Pivot Arm from latching the Rocker Beam during the compression cycle. I ran the engine with this modification. It worked, but only over a very small speed range.

Later I added a spring made with 0.005" brass shim stock to the upper end of the Governor Pivot Arm. The Governor Weight was being pushed back during the compression cycle and didn't swing out fast enough to latch the Rocker Beam if the engine was running fast. The shim stock spring solves this problem.

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