Iron Melting Cupola Furnaces

For the Small Foundry


Iron Melting Cupola Furnaces is a book taking iron melting from theory to design to operation.

The author, Steve Chastain, has provided the small foundry enthusist an excellent reference book coverning all aspects of design, construction and operation of a Cupola Furnace within the 150 to 2500 pound per hour capacity.

Included are design and size calculations to determine exactly the furnace size to construct to fit your individual casting needs. Not only does this book describe the construction but there are numerous drawings, pictures, calculations recommendations and outlines detailing each step by step phase, in the construction of the furnace.

When ordering, be certain to request if he has any video tapes available. He has some from time to time that show the furnace in action and many pours being made.

This book would be a welcome addition to anyone's libary who is contemplating a furnace construction project. The book price is $ 19.95 plus $ 3.20 postage (US and Canada) and can be ordered by email from: Steve Chastain

USPS Mail Orders:

Steve Chastain
2925 Mandarin Meadows Dr.
Jacksonville, FL 32223

For Steve's web page: Click Here


William Gray

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Created: 10/08/2000
Last Rev: 03/10/2005