Ideas for Lathe Housekeeping

By Paul Pierce

Here is a scan of a couple of things I put on my lathe. Top is a cookie/cake pan from Walmart. About 11" X 17", just fits my chip pan. When I brush chips between ways I put the pan right under one of the openings. Most of the chips go into the pan making cleanup a lot easier. I find it difficult to brush chips that are directly under the lathe. The pan sure helps. I have another pan the same size for chips and cutoffs on my 4X6 bandsaw.

The lower image is a piece of 1" X 4" stock that just fits the space between the gap bed and the headstock of my Enco 12" X 36". That area was not the easiest to clean up. Now nothing gets down there to have to clean up. If/when I ever go to flood coolant a small bead of RTV will seal that up. I don't anticipate removal to be much of a chore should I ever wish to use the gap.

Paul Pierce

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Created: 11/24/97
Rev.: 06/09/2001