Building a Base for a Drill Grinding Attachment

by: Paul Pierce

When I received my copy of "The Shop Wisdom of Frank Mclean", my eye went quickly to page 14 where there was a description of a base to put an inexpensive drill grinding attachment on.

My Dad had such an attachment and considered it a waste of money. Of course I had to try it later on. Dad was right. I couldn't make it work either. Seemed as if the older I got, the smarter Dad became.

The article wherein F.M. reprinted J.D. McIntosh's description supplanted by Grant Wood's drawings sure changed my mind. A main adjustment (closer to/farther from) the wheel is a very coarse adjustment (loosen the bolt, tapping with a hammer).

Mr. McIntosh made a base to securely bolt the attachment (Sears, General, etc.) to. He used a pair of rods as ways. A piece of allthread made a neat leadscrew. I did add a couple of clamps to secure things once I had made the adjustment. Thus far I have not gotten to the making of a nice knob.

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Created: 08/16/99
Last Rev: 06/09/2001