Oxygen/Acetylene Tank Rack for Trucks

By Ralph J. Sproul
Bear Hill Blacksmith

After asking a half dozen portable welders their thoughts and ideas about loading, changing and carrying welding tanks, I found everyone considered them heavy, necessary and a nuisance as well as not being happy with their present system.

Here is a solution that I have built on my welding truck and is working well. This is a modular system that stacks up and allows you to change one or two tanks or lift both tanks from the truck in the assembled cradle with a crane. to go from one truck to another. This is a feature I need.

The different stacking parts allow you to carry tanks of varying sizes.

A wooden wedge keeps the tanks noise and rattling to a minimum. Wedge View

A ramp can fold down to allow no lifting of the tanks. (See Above).

The same pin that allows the tank assembly to be lifted can have safety chains added to keep your local highway safety department happy! View of Safety Chains

Pictures and Drawings of the Rack:

View of Empty Tank Rack
View of Rack with Cylinder
Drawing of the Cylinder Cradle
Drawing of the Cylinder Support

If you need more information, you can email me at: brhlbsmt@mcttelecom.com Ralph Sproul

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Rev: 04/19/97