by Erin Dyer

I've recently found a web page that has a product for burns, etc...... unlike any I've ever used before.

The applications are nearly endless for this BURN+CARE product. It Literally is "ONE OF A KIND"!!!!! It Kills Bacteria......its bacterial static!! People like myself NEED that....!!! It stops you from getting blisters where youre burned.

It's also a HEAT-Sync..which means it instantly drops the heat of the burn on contact a minimum of 10-15 degrees....!!

Just imagine things like: if fire depts. or Forestry Personnel are stuck in a raging inferno with temperatures up to about 1k degrees.....this stuff could save them if it were saturated in a blanket or something like it!!!!

I have had insulin dependant diabetes for 32 yrs and found/heard about this product from other diabetics who use this product. I have used it repeatedly on my feet for slow healing/chronic diabetically related sores. NOTHING works like it..... I have been using other Rx's for years and nothing has done as well for my diabetic feet as this stuff.

Then, everyday uses like a burn in the kitchen or hair curling irons and such. I mean, I didn't even get a blister when I re-lit my burner on my hallway heater and it flashed up on me and burned the hair off my left hand. My hand was pink and hurting badly when I remembered I had this product from my dad who is a retired firefighter.

The web address is: Burn Care

Email me what you think.

Thanks for your time.

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Rev: 01/23/98