The Magnolia Metal Bearing Book

Scanned and Submitted by Mike Henry

Thanks to the expert scanning by Mr. Mike Henry, The Magnolia Metal Bearing Book (all 95 pages) is available for download in PDF format (Size 398K). This is a book printed in 1927. It contains much information on the metal, babbitt and how to use it as bearing material. To download click here

Also the Magnolia Metal Corporation is still in business and can be reached at:

6161 Abbott Drive
P. O. Box 19110
Omaha, Nebraska 68119

Magnolia Metals Corporation

Telephone: (402) 455-8760
Fax: (402) 455-8762

Contact: Mr. Bruce A. Wells, Sales Manager

Mr. Wells tells us that Magnolia Metal's main focus is on bronze bearing material, however, they still maintain a stock of babbitt available for shipment.

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Created: 05/14/1999
Rev: 04/15/2006