Your Graphical On-Line Guide to Metalworking

You Can Cast Iron

Building a Metal Casting Furnace

Oil Fired Casting Furnace

Information on Building a Muller

Cuttlebone Casting

Introduction to the Shell Moulding Process

Centrifugal Casting

Aluminum Foundry Practice

Smelting Furnace Small Gas Fired Furnace for Melting Aluminum, Brass and Copper


Foundry 101 Aluminum & Brass Casting Guide

AlCuMet Precision Investment Castings Londonderry, NH

Amerian Foundry Society

AMAFOND (English) Italian Association of Companies Which Produce Machinery

American Iron and Steel Institute

Austrailian Foundry Industry Listing of Austrailian Resources

Back Yard Metalcasting

Bronze Casting and Fabrication Melbourne, Australia

Bronze Working Information Bristol, UK

Castings Technology International South Yorkshire, UK

Titanium Castings UK, Limited Yorkshire, UK

Castings Net Comprehensive Casting Information

Casting Industry Suppliers Association Goodyear, AZ

Cast Metals Coalition

Cast Metals Institute

California Cast Metals Association

Centre Technique Des Industries da la Fonderie Milan, Italy

Copper.Development Association - Informationon Copper and Copper Alloys

Coupe Foundry, Ltd. Ductile, Carbon Steel & Cast Iron Castings - Lancashire, UK

Coutellerie & Ferronnerie : Metal Urlant Metal Urlant is a french directory created to promote craft work in the metal arts field. Exhibitions, information relating to the craft, and sites that offer metal craft for sale are listed.

Ductile Iron Society

Ductile Iron Marketing Group

Engineered Casting Solutions

Foundry Educational Foundation

Foundry Management & Technology

Glossary of Casting & Foundry Terms - (Atlas Foundry Company).

Heat Color Chart - (Shady Grove Blacksmith Shop).

Hobby Metal Casting Information Site

Home Iron & Bronze Foundry

Investment Casting Institute

Iron Casting Research Institute

Ohio Cast Metal Association

Machines Italia c/o Italian Trade Commission

Non-Ferrous Founders' Society

North American Die Casting Association

Ron Reil's Forge & Burner Design

Steel Founders' Society of America

Shady Grove Blacksmith Shop - Dick Nietfeld.

The Artful Bodger's Home Foundry Also see: Book Press Release

Tooling and Manufacturing Association (TMA)

Texas Cast Metals Association (TMA)

TPI Arcade, Inc V-Process Casting Explained

Industrial Metal Castings Online Market Place

Indiana Cast Metals Association

Iron Castings Research Association

Ohio Cast Metals Association

Machine Castings Design

My Home Foundry & Pattern Shop Good information on Pattern Making and Starting a Small Foundry.

How to Make Blacksmith's Tongs

SFSA - Publications Steel Founders Society of America

Steel Founders' Society of America

Metal Casting Technonogies Wynn Danzur Marketing - Metal Casting Information.

Casting Guidelines

Zoeller ForgeLarry Zoeller, Blacksmith


Acetarc Engineering, Ltd.Material Handling Equipment for the Foundry

American Fine Arts Foundry Located: Burbank, CA

Baker Furnace - Crucible Furnaces - Located: Yorba Linda, CA

Budget Casting Supply Located: CA

Cajun Shoppe, The - PropaneFurnace Supplies & Parts

Castings - Div. Reb Toys - Minature Casting Supplies - Located: Eastsound, WA

CMX California Metal-X Brass & Bronze Ingot Source (Ingot Producer)

Creative Casting Company

Cochrane Foundry, Inc.

Dy-Kast Supply & Equipment Co. - Die Cast & Foundry Supplies - Located: Avon, OH

Hern Iron Works

Independent Foundry Supply Co. - Metal Casting Supplies - Located: City of Commerce, CA

Iron Melting Cupola Furnaces - For the Small Foundry - Book.

Johnson Gas Furnaces - Industrial Furnaces

Kinetic Die Casting Company Aluminum Die Casting Parts Company, North Hollywood, CA

Legend, Inc. - Sparks, NV - Smelting and Casting Supplies

Malcom G. Stevens, Inc. Supplier of Foundry Needs - Located: Tyngsboro, MA

McEnglevan Industrial Furnace Co. - Melting & Heat Treating Furnaces - Sand Mullers & Mixers - Located: Danville, IL

Morgan Molten Metal Systems - Crucibles, Furnaces, Foundry Products - Located: Wallingford, CT

Monmet - An engineering firm specializing in castings, forgings, machining, fabrication and power transmission - Montreal, Canada

O'Brien & Gere Manufacturing Co. Manufacturer of Rotary Hearth

PCT, Inc. Precision Castings of Tennessee, Gallatin, TN

Poly Cast, Ltd. Investment Castings - Located: Warsash, Southampton, UK

Purity Casting Alloys Ltd. - Casting Alloys - Located: Surrey, BC, Canada

Steelmet Precision Investment Castings Located: Wild Rose, W

Tekcast Industies, Inc. - Located: New Rochelle, NY - Casting Supplies

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