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Building a Auto-Start 3 phase Converter
Same File as Above (An Adobe Acrobat PDF 478K File)
Single Phase to 3 Phase Converter
Closed Loop Systems
The Selection, Connection, Reversing and Repair of Electric Motors
Phase Converters and Starting Circuits By George Carlson
Phase Converters By Rick Christopherson
Understanding & Selecting a Single to Three Phase Converter By Isomatic, Guildford, UK
Single Phase to 3 Phase Phase Converters and Starting Circuits
Technologies of Phase Converters (An Adobe Acrobat PDF 252K File)
Induction Motors and Phase Converters (An Adobe Acrobat PDF 2.8 Meg File)

Single to Three Phase Converter Suppliers:
  1. Boostek LLC Riverton, WY -USA
  2. American Rotary Converter Company - USA
  3. MaxiPhase Converters Stevens, PA - USA
  4. Des-Co Phase Converters Many, LA - USA
  5. Fargo Electric, LLC Buffalo, NY - USA
  6. Gen Tec, LLC Port Washington, WI - USA
  7. GWM Corporation (Smith Electric Motorworks) Rotary Converters - Marceline, MO - USA
  8. Lewus Electric Co., Inc. Rotary & Electronic - Payson, AZ - USA
  9. Moila-Phase, Inc. Static & Rotary - USA
  10. Phase Perfect Converters Rapid City, SD - USA
  11. Phase Quest Ontario, Canada
  12. Phase-A-Matic Converters Palmdale, CA - USA
  13. Phase Maxx Potary and Static Converters - Jenison, MI - USA
  14. Rotary Phase Converters Joplin, MO - USA
  15. RF Power Amplifiers, Inc. Port Washington, NY - USA
  16. Anderson Phase Converters Rotary & Static - Higley, AZ - USA
  17. Kay Industries - Phasemaster South Bend, IN, - USA
  18. Martin Phase Converters, Inc. Rotary & Static - El Campo, TX - USA
  19. Arco Electric Products, Inc Rotary Phase Converters - Shelbyville, IN - USA
  20. Tower Electric Motor (Temco) - Fremont, CA - USA
  21. ACE Phase Converter - CA - USA
  22. Superior Phase Converter, LLC Anderson, SC - USA
  23. Allied Electric Motor Service Birmingham, AL - USA
  24. Row Electrical Equipment, Inc Toledo, OH - USA
  25. WNY Supply & Phase Converter Store Stanborn, NY - USA
  26. ESP Electronic Specialists, Inc. Natick, MA - USA
  27. Electric Motor Products, Llc Mansfield, OH - USA
  28. Steelman Industries, Inc.Kilgore, TX - USA
  29. Smith Electric Motorworks Marceling, MO - USA
  30. Ohio Electric Motors, Inc. Barnardsville, NC - USA

  31. K2C Industrial Automation, Inc. Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  32. Phase Quest Co. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
  33. Eurotec Machinery, Ltd New Zeland
  34. Boost Energy Berkshire, UK - A manufacturer and supplier of phase converters.
  35. Remco Electrical Mfg. Jenison, MI
  36. Isomatic Phase Converters Guildford, UK
  37. PJ&PJTaylor Polyphaz Converters - Perth, Western Australia & Christchurch, New Zealand
  38. EuroTech Machinery Ltd. Whitianga, New Zealand

Electric Motor Manufacturers:

  1. Baldor Electric Co. Motors, Drives and Generators - Fort Smith, AR USA
  2. Emerson Motor Technologies - U.S. Motors Motors and Mechanical Drives - St.Louis, MO
  3. GE Electric Motors - USA
  4. Leeson Electric Motors div. Regal-Beloit Corporation - Motors, Gear Motors and Drives - Grafton, WI USA
  5. Marathon Electric Motor Motors and Generators - Wausau, WI USA
  6. Reliance Electric - Roacwell Motors - USA
  7. Westinghouse - TECO Motors - USA
  8. Groschopp Motors, Speed Reducers & Universal Motors - Sioux Center, IA
  9. Brook Crompton div of Lindeteves-Jacoberg Group - Electric Motors - UK
  10. SCHROCH div of Lindeteves-Jacoberg Group - Electric Motors - Germany div of Lindeteves-Jacoberg Group - Electric Motors - Australia

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